Protest Against Library Cuts

This Wednesday Cambridgeshire County Council will officially open the refurbished central library in the Grand Arcade in Cambridge.  Princess Anne has been invited to 'cut the ribbon'. However she does so at the same time that the council are trying to push through cuts to library services. 

Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts will be protesting from 9.45am on Wednesday 31st March in Fisher Square, behind the central library.  The protest is not aimed at Princess Anne but is against the cutting of mobile library services and the threat to other provisions in the county. The council is even floating the idea of handing our libraries over to a 'Trust' to run - effectively ending democratic accountability and public control. 

The recently formed group are concerned about attacks on all of the counties public services and say there  is no economic case for cuts.  The publics financial deficit has been over hyped and the idea that the county has run out of money is at best misleading.  We do not accept that service cuts are needed - if anything now is the time for investment.

Libraries are a place where ordinary people have access to resources beyond there means, they provide excellent value education, entertainment and information.  Libraries also symbolize an open, equal and collaborative society. Many communities still have limited access to libraries or are suffering from previous cuts. We need to defend the service where it is good and try to level up provision in other areas!

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