Alan Gibbons backs CAtC campaign to stop library closures

Author Alan Gibbons has given his backing to 'Cambridgeshire Against the Cut's' Campaign to stop cuts to library services in the region.  As Cambridge's wordfest gets underway in order to celebrate the power of the book it is a disgrace that the school library service has been shut and savage cuts are proposed to other parts of the library provision.  Alan said:

"I am appalled to hear about the savage cuts to Cambridgeshire's libraries budget. Under the 1964 Libraries Act, councils have a duty to provide a 'comprehensive and efficient service.' This would clearly not be the case if these cuts were to go ahead. UNESCO has done research proving that reading for pleasure is the single most important factor ensuring social and academic success, even more important than social class or background. To cut libraries and reading is to blight the life chances of our communities, especially the young, the poor and the vulnerable. I would appeal to elected representatives to change course. I would also call upon the people of Cambridgeshire to march, protest, lobby and write to make their views known. Our libraries are not for cutting."

Alan Gibbons
Author & Organizer, the Campaign for the Book

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