Library consultation

Consultation on planned cutbacks to library services has now begun -
there are public meetings in the evenings this week and also a second
set in September. A timetable of meetings is available here: please
also visit your local library as there will be questionnaires
available there of fill it in on line.

We will be presenting a petition calling for no cuts to services or detrement to staff.
You can download the petition in the sidebar of the website.

The Council openly states that the proposals are to make budget cuts,
and that Councillors have approved plans for:
• possible new shared and / or externalised management and support arrangements
• introducing self-service machines into all libraries and working
more closely with community volunteers
• a review of library provision in Cambridge City and the surrounding area
• streamlining the mobile library service
• new support arrangements for Library Access Points
• cutting costs
• increasing income

All of these are likely to mean a worse service for users - and will probably very little impact on the Council's budget if they save money at all.


  1. Be warned that 'working closely with volunteers' means cutting staff in smaller libraries (at first) and using volunteers to start doing things the staff did. This is not practicable and will lead to a poorer service -please let councilors know this !

  2. The problem is that participation in this consultation will then be used as "evidence" that subsequent cuts have public support. We are being reeled in by ideas that on the face of it seem reasonable - e.g. volunteers & self-service machines would be fine if they freed up staff to undertake more specialized tasks... but as moriarty says that is not their purpose. Maybe we should all write in to say that we will NOT be attending any public meetings as we will NOT be a party to killing off our libraries.