'Fighting Conference' 20th November

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 10.30 am - 4pm Saturday 20th November
Bailey Rooms, Castle Court, Shire Hall, Castle St, Cambridge, CB3 0AP

George Osborne’s spending review, already dubbed the ‘Bullingdon Budget’, is a full frontal assault on the living standards of ordinary people.  If we allow it to be implemented we will see even greater disparity between the poorest to the richest in society and millions more people will be thrown into poverty.

We cannot let this happen.  If we are to stop it we must organize locally and nationally to ensure that cuts are not implements in either the private of the public sector. We must not be blamed for a crisis we did not create. Together we must fight to make the bankers and millionaires pay for the mess they have caused.

Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts will be holding a open conference on 20th November for all of those who want to fight cuts to jobs, services, pay, pensions and benefits

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