Protest hits right note!

Trade Unionist, students and community campaigners picketted Cambridge train station this morning to send a message to Lib Dem Coalition MP Julian Huppert not to supprt the Tory spending cuts. 

Tom Woodcock form Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts said:

"George Osborne, supported by the Lib Dems, will announce a massive attack on our livelihood in order to pay back the rich. This will start as an attack on the public sector - both in terms of services and pay and conditions. However for every job lost in the public sector one will go in the private sector, for every £1 cut in wages or pensions it is a £1 less spent in the wider economy. It is wage cuts for the last 30 year that has compounded the slowdown of the economy. Anyone arguing for cuts backs, however slow, has no grasp of the capitalist economy. We need real investment now and we must fight with all our will. "

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