Resolution agreed at 20 Nov 'Fighting Conference'

In the wake of George Osborne's spending review, setting out a full scale assault on essential public services and the workers who provide them, Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts (CAtC) held a 'Fighting Conference' on 20 November.

Existing activists, together with new individuals and representatives from union and community groups, discussed these attacks and agreed on a strategy to combat them in Cambridgeshire.

It was agreed to relaunch CAtC as a more focussed and responsive organisation, able to react quickly to events and build the maximum unity in defence of public services. Organisations and groups who are fighting the cuts would be able to affiliate to CAtC and send delegates, while individual activists could join in their own right.

The conference discussed and voted on aims and objectives, together with a constitution and elected structure to carry these out. These are set out in the attached resolution, voted for at the end of conference.

Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts - Resolution (Pdf 128Kb)

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