Join the General Assembly - 1.00PM Old Schools

Students in Cambridge marching to defend education
On behalf of Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts, I give the warmest support for the students occupying the Old Schools and all the other actions being taken against the cuts and in defence of the basic right to education. We pledge to work for the biggest attendance possible at the Cambridge General Assembly on Sunday, to take the fight to defend our public services out to all the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people in Cambridgeshire who face the biggest attacks ever mounted on services they depend on.

At the same time, we reject Julian Huppert MP's remarks attacking the student occupation. Whilst he has stated his public opposition to the rise in tuition fees, he seems to think that such opposition should be confined to actions which don't actually pose any real threat. He should realise that the main reason other MPs are starting to consider voting against the fees rise in this week's vote, is the huge tidal wave of action throughout the country, of which the Cambridge occupation is a shining example.

We insist that Julian Huppert sticks to his pledge to vote against the fees rise this week, and call on all other Cambridgeshire MPs to do likewise, to overturn the Coalition's plans to turn higher education into a privilege for the rich, not a right for all.

Martin Booth,

Secretary, Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts

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  1. There will be a demonstration of children and parents in front of Shire Hall on Fri. Jan. 7 at 2pm to oppose the cuts Cambridgeshire County Council is considering against its 'Education Otherwise Than At School' (EOTAS) service by cutting staff numbers and pupil places. These children require medical support yet some are expected to be sent back to mainstream! One of our slogans: "Your 'inclusion' means our exclusion..."
    It was today's Cambridge News front page + page 2 and 6.