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Welcome to all the students and new Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts 'CAtC' members, who have signed up to receive emails in the last few weeks.

The education protests over the last two weeks, including the Cambridge occupation and the pitched battle at Parliament on Thursday, have shown that a new generation is prepared to fight all the way against the cuts. One of the really great things, has been the support given to them from all the trade unions and anti-cuts groups, as well as the call-out from students to widen the fight, to oppose all the cuts, not just those in education.

Any of you who could make it to the Cambridge 'General Assembly' last weekend in the occupation, will have heard the contributions from CAtC
members congratulating the students and calling for other groups to stand with them and work together to fight together against all the cuts. You can read a 'blog' of the events at or

There was a great Fighting Conference on the 20 November, where we agreed on ways to bring together and co-ordinate with the general public, unions, service users and students under the CAtC banner. We've now got events happening every month from now till the TUC national demonstration on March 26th.

I hope you can all make it to the next big general meeting on Saturday 18 December at 10AM in CB2 on Norfolk St., where we'll be hearing from the anti-cuts campaigns across Cambridgeshire and exchanging ideas about working together. We'll also be doing a bit of admin, agreeing our constitution and getting our membership lists up to date, so that we're in touch with all the individuals, groups and campaigns.

Right after the meeting at 12.30, we'll be going down to the Grafton Centre for a xmas themed anti-cuts demonstration and publicity event. We'll be launching our new publication, explaining how the cuts will be affecting us all in Cambridgeshire and how we can work together to beat them.

On the same day, the 'ukuncut' movement have also called for groups across the country to protest about the huge amounts of tax going unpaid by the owners of stores like Top Shop and Vodafone. We'll be right next to those stores, so we're asking people to come along to the Grafton Centre and protest with us. We are stronger together!

(Calendar of events)
Dec 18
CAtC General Meeting - 10.00 CB2, Norfolk St, Cambridge
Protest and leafleting - 12.30 outside Grafton Centre

Jan 6
CAtC Organising meeting 18.00, CU Sports & Social Club, Mill Lane, CB2 1RX

Jan 29
CAtC Demonstration in Cambridge

Mar 26
TUC backed national demonstration against the cuts
London, transport currently being arranged.

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