Copy of letter sent to Fenland Citizen from CAtC member


As a member of Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts, I would like to comment on the article (Citizen, January 19) headlined: ‘Council job cuts likely’.

Staff working for Cambs County Council will be fearful about their future prospects due to proposed savings the council will implement to help the Conservative-led Government bail out the 2008 banking crisis.

The council is going to implement savings of £160 million over the next five years and will be making up to 450 people redundant or 13 percent of the workforce this year.

With area-based grants cut by 27 percent, those services targeted on the most disadvantaged are in the front line: schools; children’s social care; family support and youth services.

Sure Start has already lost national funding. 40 Children’s Centres in the County await their fate. Many Connexions services are closing, leaving young people not in education, employment or training (NEETs) without support.

Staff working for the Council are paying a heavy price with their jobs being sacrificed. People who work in local government are mainly women who earn well below £21,000 a year.

There is sufficient money in the economy to write-off the national deficit. For example, the Tax Justice Network estimates that over £95 billion a year is lost through tax avoidance and evasion.

I support the TUC march in London on March 26. There is an alternative to cuts – a Robin Hood Tax on the banks; closing tax loopholes; policies for jobs and green growth.

Kingsley Avenue

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