Press release from Cambs county council staff

Staff working for Cambridgeshire county council, have issued a press release about the threatened job losses at the council.

Peter Gaskin, the UNISON union branch officer said,
“Our members and the staff working at the Council are paying a heavy price with their jobs being sacrificed and income being frozen purely to bail out the banks. People who work in local government are mainly women who earn well below £21,000 and they did not even receive the Chancellors £250 announced in the budget. Staff are already subsidising services to the public and they soon won’t be able to afford to go to work. What is happening is a disgrace and the public should be extremely worried about the future of their services.”

You can download a copy of the press release here.

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  1. In libraries they are proposing to bring in volunteers - while cutting paid staff. This will lead to a poorer quality service. Please oppose this dishonest policy. It will not stop closures. Libraries should support communities not the other way around. We didn't cause the deficit so why should we pay ?