Hundreds demonstrate in support of public services

Saturday's colourful and noisy demonstration against the cuts attracted everyone's attention as we marched through the city demanding 'No ifs! No buts! No public service cuts!'

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  1. This is an absurd and delusional denial of the economic reality of our nation. The government is in debt i.e. it is spending more than it gets in. In fact, the amount required to pay the interest alone it enough to double to education budget. The longer we neglect this problem and let the debt grow (all debt grows if left alone) the worse the problem gets. Now is the time to cut the deficit. Something must be done. It is fair and proper that students who benefit from education with a good job pay for that increase in their personal capital while those who go to uni just to study do not. Education is never free- the alternative is Taxpayer funded education by people who may never benefit from the outcome. THAT is unfair.