June 30th Mass Action... Rally, March and Music. 12 noon

Today is the day that we cast our vote of no-confidence in this Con-Dem coalition that truly is condeming our workers, our students, our disabled, our children. We are expected to pay for the bankers' crisis, for the mismanagement of our own money. We are expected to pay in jobs, in education and in essential services. Our NHS is in despair, if they get their way it will be outsourced... sold to the highest bidder. Our services ...have been slashed, bus cuts, job losses, huge inflation. So let's show this 'government' how we REALLY feel. Together we are strong, as events across Europe and The Middle East have shown. They are NOT in absolute power, our voices WILL be heard, our OUTRAGE will be publicised and generalised.

The PCS , UCU , ATL and NUT unions have all balloted for strike action and action short of a strike... join us in unity against this condem 'government'!

This is a family - friendly event.

Bring banners, bring the family, bring the dog!
Bring noise, bring anger, bring loudhailers, bring solidarity!

More details to follow.

Event organised by Cambridge and District Trades Council

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