It is vital that we keep up the pressure on the Council, otherwise basically we will lose all subsidised bus servives.
What will this mean? Well, it will mean that thousands will be isolated in their own villages, unable to visit family or friends, or go shopping.
It will also mean that many hospital and other important appointments will be lost, costing a large amount of money in itself.
It will put a stop to socialising, it will put the vulnerable and the elderly at risk, no way of travelling is bad for morale and will mean that people will have to give up work, including the disabled that are part of the 'care in the community' scheme.

These Councillors are our elected representatives, they are here to represent us! What next to go? Police numbers, ambulance numbers, fire engines? These are already in danger and we have in fact lost fire engines already.
'We will not cut vital services'
Really? Public transport is just that! An emergency services to many thousands of people.
Please join us in voicing your disdain at the bureaucratic insanity that is happening, and remind the Council that real-time bus timetables are redundant if there are no real-time bus services.

'No forthcoming service'
What next? School bus services? Well they are on the rack too.

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