What can I do?

You may well have got to this page wondering what we can do, possibly even wondering what is the point of local anti-cuts campaign organisations.
There is a lot we can do... we can lobby our local MPs to oppose the cuts, both en masse via the County and City Councils and in a more personal capacity... after all they are accountable to us, we are not accountable to them!
We can sign petitions, which is often seen as a 'soft option', we can picket, and if all else fails, we can occupy.
In the meantime, we can email our local MPs and Councillors.
If we work hard together, we CAN make a difference.
But we can't make a difference doing nothing.
Local anti-cuts for local issues, national ant-cuts for national issues.

Here is a list of local Councillors:

Cambridge City:


Cambridge County:


Now you may wonder if we actually have any impact.
Yes we do... only through pressure from CAtC has the next wave of bus cuts been put on hold by Cambridge County Council, who imposed a 100% cut to bus subsidies, cutting people off from family, from work and from the community in general.
A lot of issues are, in fact national.
There is a page here on how you can help on a national level.


Below is news on the Cuts in Cambridgeshire:
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Below are some successes: